36 AIA-Approved HSW Learning Units

Historic Preservation & Sustainable Design in the Etruscan Hill Towns of Central Italy

Two spring programs
May 4-14, 2024  &  May 18-28, 2024

Two fall programs
Sep 21-Oct1, 2024 & Oct 8-18, 2024

Two fall programs!

Travel to the Etruscan Hill Town region of Italy to discover these intensely beautiful towns, landscapes and culture.

This 10-day travel program focuses on modern and historic design, sustainability, preservation, art and architecture, food and wine in ancient hill towns and world-renowned UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Travel Guides

Your travel guides and compatriots for this remarkable journey: Nancy Josephson and Stephen Day.

These hill towns present a living laboratory of sustainable design efforts across history.

The Etruscan hill town civilization of central Italy was crucial to the development of Western culture, art, agriculture, and architecture. Enduring yet fragile, geological instability, conflicts and time have taken their toll, requiring continual creativity, rebuilding, and stabilization.

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